Look back to the year 2022!


JAN: The Semi state of emergency was applied. The preparation for JBA Solo Competition became tougher (but it was successfully held in February).
FEB: The premiere of a new arrangement by JGSDF Middle Army Band. The Ukraine War started during the final rehearsal.
MAR: Saitama Luminous Wind Orchestra the 2nd Annual Regular Concert was successfully completed. Has a hybrid of online/online International Music Festival as well.
APR: Writing scores every day…… 🎼
MAY: A new piece was premiered by JGSDF Western Army Band.
JUN: A 40-minute symphony transcription was premiered in the Regular Concert of JGSDF Central Band. The really tough job it was. Koga City Wind Orchestra’s Annual Regular Concert was finally held after the three-year interval.
JUL: Welcomed a foreign guest from the US after the three-year interval🎷
AUG: Finally got COVID at the end of the month. I cancelled a performance in Kanagawa🦠.
SEP: The first performance at the East Kanto Band Competition in three years with Koga City Wind Orchestra.
OCT: A new piece was premiered by a primary school brass band I regularly support🎺 Commuting to Shibuya twice a month, which had lasted for 20 years, came to an end.
NOV: “Band Day” by JBA Saitama Branch was successfully held. Preparations were super hard, but we’re glad to get a lot of positive opinions!
DEC: First time abroad in two and a half years ✈ Malaysia & Singapore🇲🇾🇸🇬.


Of course, there were many other things than above.

Roughly summarizing the year 2022:

  • I wrote quite a lot of music.
  • COVID still impacted a lot
  • However, various activities have been resumed as well!

In the coming year 2023, more things are being resumed. I’m going to have some overseas trips as well as some new plans.
I sincerely hope that the year 2023 is more peaceful and things will move in a better direction.

Thank you for everyone and everything in the year 2022.
Happy New Year!🎉🎇