The premiere of a celebration overture for a school’s 90th anniversary

I attended the 90th-anniversary celebration event of an elementary school, whose brass band I’ve worked as an instructor about for a decade.

I had an opportunity to compose a celebration overture and it was successfully premiered at the event! The band students kept a high concentration level during the performance. Its quality was better than the practice🎺 Sure enough, having the performance in front of audiences is one of the best opportunities for students’ improvement!

Actually, only 6th-grade students joined today’s event. I joined the band as a percussionist to make up for the missing parts.🥁
Of course, I’m a layman as a percussionist. I do hope my joining the band has made the music better than not doing…!
To fill the multiple parts, I played like a multi-percussion part; holding two mallets in my left hand to play the suspended-cymbal roll followed by eighth-note ostinato with a mallet for the xylophone in my right hand, and took a tambourine while playing that…
However, the most difficult thing was to count the rest bars properly and change the mallets/instruments at the same time!😂