Koga City Wind Orchestra, the 28th East Kanto Band Competition.


I conducted Koga City Wind Orchestra (KCWO), a community band in Ibaraki Prefecture, and performed in the 28th East Kanto Band Competition. A bronze award was given to us.
I’m grateful to all the people who supported the competition and our activities, and, most of all, our wonderful band members!

As the weather was very bad, I can upload only photos of the competition programme.

Even though the competition itself was held last year, KCWO wasn’t able to join it because local public facilities were still closed down then. KCWO participated in it after a two-year interval.
In other words, the social situation brought a strange situation, namely, the second time but the fourth year. The happiest thing was any band member didn’t miss the stage in both the prefectural and regional competitions.

We feel we have displayed our ability on the stage.
So many adults spend a lot of energy and time focusing on two pieces for a few months to improve performance quality. It’s precious and admirable! I was very happy to have this wonderful opportunity.

Needless to say, the result is disappointing for us, and I’m fully responsible for it. But, I’ve found that there is much room for improvement through the process. I’m going to organize my thoughts and share them with the band members for the upcoming performances.

The next concert with KCWO, the Winter Family Concert, is scheduled in February. The practice starts after a short interval. I’m looking forward to working with the band soon!