TKWO Special Concert


Listened to Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra Special Concert at Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre.

It was the very last concert before TKWO becomes independent of Risshō Kōsei Kai. The concert was surely a “once in a lifetime” experience. Any band concert cannot be more special than this concert “briefly” described below:

  • In total six conductors, all of them have made TKWO history, stood on the podium.
  • Nobuya Sugawa, the previous concertmaster, soloed Toshio Mashima’s Seagull.
  • The concert repertoire recalls the TKWO history as well, that is, TKWO’s commissioned pieces like Les Trois Notes du Japon.
  • Jazz arrangements with guest players were performed as well.

Variation of the band sound by the conductors was so impressive for me. The introduction and theme of “Seagull” were extremely mellow and sweet as well!

As an audience, I’ve made almost a perfect attendance for TKWO’s subscription concerts. Also, I’ve sometimes worked with TKWO as a staff of music-score manufacturer, arranger, and author of programme notes. When I listen to the concert, I naturally remembered many moments so far.

I’m looking forward to listening to TKWO performances under the new organization and supporting them too!

この写真、良いですね! 演奏者だけでなくスタッフの皆さんも写っていて。

I like liked photo very much. It has not only musicians but also TKWO’s very professional logistical staff!