TKWO the 159th Subscription Concert


Listened to Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra the 159th subscription concert at Nakano ZERO Hall, Tokyo.

The full house concert it was!

TKWO musicians showcased masterly performances and Maestro Iimori brought out dramatic and flowing music, which presented the worldview of each piece.

Many people posted how high quality the concert was on social media.
One of the very impressive things for me was that the band sound was adjusted much nicer than the previous concert for the new venue. Of course, the excitement of the music was there. The virtuosity of TKWO members made it possible.

The full-house venue lifts the mood of audiences as well.
The concert repertoire was the band people’s favourite. Compared to Saturday afternoon, Friday evening might be more convenient for high school students as well.
As a two-decades-long subscriber, the excitement of full-house audiences brought me emotion.

I do hope TKWO keeps gaining popularity widely!