TKWO Set-Piece Concert 2022


Listened to Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra Presents the Set-Piece Concert 2022 at Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall.

The AJBC 2022 set pieces were performed in the first half. I had the same impression as previous years; it’s surely an incredible performance, but I’m not ready to appreciate its excellence enough as I haven’t read their scores. I work hard for the upcoming competition in the summer!

The second half had a theme “The period of the Set-Piece V”.Set-pieces V are usually grade-five contemporary music. Five pieces delivered by TKWO and Takeshi Ooi, who has a reputation for contemporary music performance, had deep musicality, beautiful and engaging sound.

Actually, in the late summer, that is, after the competition, I always feel that I’d like to listen to TKWO’s set-piece concert as I’m very familiar with set-pieces then. As tonight’s repertoire are recent ones, I felt like my wish was realized. Also, the greatness of the professional was fully presented.