The 24th KYO-EN


Listened to Kyo-en, a concert introducing new wind-band music, at Bunkyo Civic Hall, Tokyo. It was held with audiences after a four-year interval.

Similar to previous ones, it was a good opportunity to listen to many new pieces with high-quality performances. Talking to a lot of people whom I hadn’t seen for a long time was also fun.

On the other hand, I felt I caught some different aspects after having some expSignificantces in the four years.

Major changes in my activities for these years are;

・Having more opportunities to conduct community bands

・Myself having more opportunities to play instruments

・Having more opportunities to write works between arrangement and composition

Indeed, these experiences change my ears to catch something different from previous times.

Also, I had listened to the premiere of one of today’s repertoire. Today’s performance showed quite a different texture, which was a very interesting experience as well!