Dragon Quest Wind Orchestra Concert performed by TKWO

ドラゴンクエストウインドオーケストラコンサートプログラム冊子 Concerts

Listened to Dragon Quest Wind Orchestra Concert performed by Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra held at Tokyo International Forum on 30th and 31st December as well as previous years.

TKWO performed 45 pieces in total, which are quite difficult, in three shows. This series of concerts show the extremely high ability of TKWO, which is different kinds from ones shown in subscription concerts, etc.

I attended fewer concerts this year. But, it’s quite satisfying to conclude this year with the very best combination for me, that is, TKWO x Dragon Quest!

I usually visit backstage to say hi to them, however, I didn’t do that considering the social situation.
I’d like to show my respect and “Happy New Year!“ to all the musicians and staffs of TKWO!