An especial summer


August is ending very soon.

I listened to the live band sound for 17 days this month. Simply calculating the number, I had more sessions than previous years as the first and second round of AJBC usually end before the middle of August.

Three days of them were the last performance of final grade students before their stepping down.Needless to say, this year is historically very special. They were special opportunities for me to witness the special moments for band students in this unusual summer.

Of course, I understand that some bands, unfortunately, couldn’t have sufficient activities and performances. I, myself, also missed opportunities to see many final-year students whom I was supposed to have practices. However, some bands’ having had some activities would lead the whole band society hereafter onward.

It’s difficult to predict the social situation in autumn and winter. Anyway, it would be the best way to just do things as much as possible.
I’m going to take preventive measures against epidemics, and treasure every single activity.