Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra the 154th Subscription Concert


Listened to Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra the 154th Subscription Concert at Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre.

The concert programme was “Fennell Tribute” conducted by Maestro Keitaro Harada who is the last student of Fennell. The concert was the fusion of “today’s skilful TKWO” and “TKWO’s tradition from the 20th Century”, which was incomparably fantastic!I’ve listened to almost all the subscription concerts for 1.5 decades. I hadn’t seen such emotional applause after the concert before.

As many audiences posted on the social network, every single moment was impressive such as delightful marches, slow tunes of the acme of beauty, amazing soprano saxophone solo by Mr Yasuto Tanaka in the 3rd movement of The Load of The Rings. I personally felt that the performance of Bennett’s Old American Dances Suite symbolized today’s concert, that is, the harmony of tradition and today, because the performance was quite passionate, but the clear sound and structural perspective never brought the impression of the age of the work, namely, 72 years ago.

Today’s two hours will be an unforgettable moment in my life!