Princess Mononoke

スタジオジブリ作品のポスター Diary

As I got up earlier this morning, I went to a cinema to watch Princess Mononoke.

Now, four Studio Ghibli works are showing at movie theatres in Japan.
Princess Mononoke was released in 1997 when I was a high school student. However, it’s still fresh for me! As they say, the same work brings different impressions depending on age.

Ghibli works are often broadcasted on TV. However, I’m not good at appreciating movies in my house as I have a concentration problem… A proper spot is needed to watch movies.

The impression of the sound was different from recent ones. It was flatter than expected. The surround technology must have been improved a lot since decades ago. Of course, the impression of the pictures is different as well. It’s something like a mixture of analogue and digital, which shows the atmosphere at that time.

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