Tokyo Geidai Wind Orchestra Concert (Nov 2021)


Listened to the 92nd Tokyo Geidai Wind Orchestra Concert. It’s the wind band of Tokyo University of Arts.

Dvořák’s Cello Concerto was performed in the first half and four band-original pieces, John Mackey, Luis Alaecón, Takashi Niigaki, and Itaru Sakai, followed in the second half. The music styles vary greatly from piece to piece, it means. This concert repertoire contrasts with the all-Reed programme in the concert last summer.

The transcription of Dvořák is the so-called Orchestre-de-la-Garde Républicaine style. “Solo” woodwind parts were placed on the tiered platform.
Players seemed to make effort to make differences in tones and sound colours between “solo” and “tutti” parts. This transcription doesn’t bring out the saxophone so much, so that the clarinet section takes a major role.

The variety of vivid band sounds were showcased in the second half.
Maestro Takeshi Ooi plays a prominent part in contemporary music conducting as well. He brilliantly characterized Niigaki’s piece, and the university students embodied it into musical sound.
I felt performers had resonance with Sakai’s piece, which made me quite comfortable! Happily, I spoke to the composer at the venue probably after a more-than-two-year interval.

P.S. Scenery in the Ueno Park

Walked through the Ueno Park, Tokyo. Felt afresh that autumn sceneries here are so beautiful!🍁