Saitama Civic Music Festival — Saitama Luminous Wind Orchestra


Had a performance at Saitama Civic Music Festival with Saitama Luminous Wind Orchestra (LWO), my conducting community band. It was LWO’s second appearance at the festival.

I felt again that having an opportunity to perform at Saitama City Cultural Centre is a happy environment. It’s the main venue of the Saitama Prefecture Band Competition that has brought a lot of memories for many band students.

The number of LWO members has gained compared to the last year. But, we still invited some guest players.I, myself asked some great band friends to perform with LWO. Actually, the places to meet them the first time were Chiba, Kuala Lumpur, and Chicago, then we stood on the stage as one band in Saitama this time. A community band can make this kind of thing possible, which is one of the great joys in community band activities.


The performance itself was well done. I believe LWO showcased the music which has a different fascination from the school band ones.
I hope LWO’s activities keep making the members’ life happier and more fruitful as this value should be given priority in the community band activities.