Kazo Flyingcarp Wind Orchestra the 1st Regular Concert


I joined Kazo Flyingcarp Wind Orchestra (KFWO) the 1st Regular Concert held at Pastoral Kazo, Saitama as an extra trumpeter. The band was newly established in Saitama, Japan this year.

I think it was the first is time after my high school days, namely 22 years ago, to play the trumpet in the entire concert.

My joining the concert is more from the friendship. However, I thought that I had to reach a certain standard to perform as a guest. I have practised minimum twice a week for months. I sometimes played at the riverside.
I learnt really much to perform at a concert as a pure player!

Overall, it was quite a good concert, I think. Showing the highest concentration level and feeling in the concert is just like a “community band”!
To be honest, the performance of myself was pretty regrettable, which was also an important learning experience.

I highly appreciate KFWO’s having me this time!
Actually, KFWO and I will cooperate again soon in a different form. I’m looking forward to it!

You can watch the archive of live streaming on YouTube @KanegonChannel.