R.I.P. Mr Koichi Sugiyama


Mr Koichi Sugiyama, the composer of the ‘Dragon Quest’ series, passed away.

The music of DQ is special for me.The first orchestral and wind band CDs I listened to hundreds of times, the first orchestra concert I attended, my very first arrangement for the electone, all of them are the music of DQ. I can find the DQ concert programme in 1996 very easily, which shows how important it is for me.I am also one of those who wouldn’t have been engaged in current jobs if there weren’t DQ music.


Formally, music scores were provided with CDs or concert programmes (!) as free supplements. I think that helped the development of the MIDI culture in the late 90s to early 2000s.’Game Music’ is now one of the important cultures. A lot of new music played by the orchestra are game ones.
Mr Koichi Sugiyama would be listed as one of the epoch makers in the music history book in future.

May he rest in peace.