Thaxted — A tune from Jupiter is on sale!

Dual Grade Series New Works

Seven new pieces of Brain Dual Grade Series has been on sale from Friday, 19 June! Reference recordings are listed here (in Japanese).
The reference recordings are MIDI sound for now due to the social situation.

Four pieces of this series, which have gotten a favourable reception especially in Asian countries, were published in 2017 and I wrote the Celtic Fantasy then.

This time, I arranged Thaxted — A tune from Jupiter by Gustav Holst. It becomes a four-minute concert piece.

As it’s a Dual Grade work, advanced parts are written in Grade 2.5 and parts for younger players are grade 1.5. It’s very suitable for mixed-former bands!

Actually, I had arranged the middle section of Jupiter in 2006 for a band piece collections called New Allegro. The same tune is used this time, but the feeling of the music is quite different, I think. I, myself, feel the improvement of myself, but, I don’t know how other people objectively feel. Haha

I finished writing the last bar of this score on 5 April, two days before the state of emergency was declared by the Japan government.
I had difficulty to arrange it probably because it was the second time to arrange. I got some ideas when I went for walks to see sakura or cherry blossom!
You can see the photos of fixed-point observation at that time🌸