TKWO 161st Subscription Concert


Listened to Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra the 161st subscription concert at Nakano Zero Hall, Tokyo.

The super-tough-repertoire concert was conducted by Maestro Kanade Yokoyama. Fully enjoyed the virtuosity of TKWO musicians!
They play very difficult passages and high notes very naturally, which is doubtlessly amazing. In addition, sensitive parts such as a super-soft clarinet solo by Ota san, Wada san’s glockenspiel that always keeps the best balance band never sounds noisy, and so on.

Let me share my personal experience.
Puszta by Jan van der Roost was a choice piece of my band when I was in secondary 1st grade. I listened to it performed by my seniors at the back of a humid school gym every day. It’s the very first band piece which I’ve listened to repeatedly for me.
I’m very happy to have a listening opportunity to this piece by TKWO today!