The first wind band class in 122 days!

《宝島》楽譜 Diary

As school activities resume step by step, fortunately, I had a wind band practice after an interval of 122 days! I hadn’t had any school band class for 130 days!
Actually, I had a masterclass in Singapore in March. But, it was a primary-school brass band. Even after that, it was the first session in three months.

My feeling was pretty calm when we did basic training. But, it was an impressive moment when the live band sound of music came to my ears🥺
In fact, today’s session was the very first one with the band. I start to work with them from this school year. I might be pretty nervous because it was the first session with the band and for months.

We rehearsed Takarajima. Usually, Japanese bands don’t play popular music in June because it’s supposed to be just before the band competition. Being started with a popular music might be quite symbolic for this year.
We just played through the first half of Armenian Dance Part I as well.
Two of them are the biggest band masterpieces!

More numbers of new cases are reported in Tokyo and Saitama recent a few days. I do hope activities go on without interruption!