Gershwin in Brass!


I attended a concert at a music conservatory where they performed my arrangement, Gershwin in Brass! I was very happy to see a member of my conducting community band playing in the brass ensemble group🎺

The performance was truly impressive, especially considering that they weren’t music performance majors. They displayed a rich musical imagination and a relaxed atmosphere that suited Gershwin’s music!

I wrote this arrangement 16 years ago! It had been quite a while since I listened to it live as well.

This arrangement marked a significant turning point in my career, leading me to pursue various musical activities as I do today. It was a special moment for me to hear it performed brilliantly by a fellow band member in 2023. ☺️

In addition, the teacher who commissioned Gershwin in Brass! won a gold prize with his current school at today’s East Japan School Band Competition.🥇 Another teacher I once played with in a different band also achieved a gold prize today! Congratulations to them both! 🏆