Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra Presents Set Piece Concert 2021

東京佼成ウインドオーケストラ課題曲コンサート2021プログラム Concerts

Listened to Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra Presents Set Piece Concert 2021 at Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre.

The Set piece 2020/21 were performed in the first half. Set pieces were carried over till this year as the All Japan Band Competition was cancelled last year.
I’m usually not familiar with set pieces when I listen to this concert. But, I listened to five set pieces after I’ve read through all of them this year, which was a good experience. Maestro Ooi’s interpretation was different from last year.
Listening to “this” year’s set pieces motivated me for incoming competition hopefully held this summer!

The repertoire of the second half was previous AJBC set pieces.
The sound of the cornet section produced colour of Alfred Reed, I felt. The performance “Fu Mon” composed by Hiroshi Hoshina was absolutely superb!! Actually, TKWO performed this piece on its national tour last year. It’s already very familiar for band members.

I’d like to introduce an episode, which probably only I know.
The opening piece of the concert was Overture for Band by Masahiro Sakata, 2000 AJBC set piece.
The composer is a math and band teacher in a Saitama Prefectural High School. One of his ex-student who studies under Maestro Ooi’s baton in a music college was at the concert hall today. Her two “teachers” crossed today, which should be a very impressive moment for her I guess.