TKWO the 158th Subscription Concert


Listened to Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra the 158th Subscription Concert at Nakano Zero, Tokyo yesterday.

It was the first subscription concert after the reorganization of the orchestra. TKWO’s strong will toward the future was clearly expressed by both the concert programme, Looking Up, Moving On by Philip Spark represents hope and Alfred Reed’s Fourth Symphony does maintenance of the tradition, and performance.

The performance of John Mackey’s Symphony Wine-Dark Sea was spectacularly superb.
The most impressive moment was the clarinet solo in the second movement by Ms Yuka Ota. Not only its sensitive texture but also the rich tone that can be heard even when the dozens of musicians play the accompaniment is surprising!
Mastro Takeshi Ooi‘s so clear conducting of irregular time attracts the audience’s attention as well. The percussionists produced fortissimo sound without any noisy feeling, which can be done only by the skilful professionals too.