Spirited Away

2020年に「NOW SHOWING」なのが、見終えてもなお実感が持てません。

Watched Spirited Away at a cinema today.
Indeed, it’s one of the greatest works.

As I watched Princess Mononoke last week, I found the effects of digital technology even though I don’t have special knowledge for this field.

Mononoke was released in 1997 and Spirited Away was 2001. Digital technology spread widely in that period. Windows 98 was introduced, of course, in 1998.

I believe that current-student generation totally cannot imagine how the world was just before the digital era; we needed to stamp on cards instead of bar code to borrow books at a library, and station attendants punched a ticket at gates of train stations.
Talking of Ghibli work, Whisper of the Heart, which is also my favorite, describes the atmosphere of early 1990’s