TKWO Special Concert


Listened to Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra Special Concert at Fuchu Forest Art Theater, Tokyo.

Today’s repertoire was very familiar to me because I have personally rehearsed, conducted or played instruments six pieces including encores so far. I saw the excellence of TKWO from different viewpoints from usual concerts. Chingis Khan – The Land of Great Promise by Eiji Suzuki was very impressive to me.

It was the very last concert for Mr Yasuto Tanaka who has served as concertmaster of TKWO for more than a decade.
I witnessed how he worked as the concertmaster when I attended rehearsals of TKWO. He has been literary the pivot pot in the orchestra. He always said hi to me with a friendly smile when we passed each other as well.
We would miss him when we listen to TKWO but we highly appreciate his great performances and warm kindness!