Tokyo Geidai Wind Orchestra Concert


Listened to Tokyo Geidai Wind Orchestra, the wind band of Tokyo University of Arts, Regular Concert at Sogakudo Concert Hall in the University.

The concert was conducted by Maestro Takeshi Ooi. All of the repertoires were Alfred Reed ones as this year is his 100th anniversary.

The relaxed sound of each section was so high quality, which sometimes blended and sometimes made vivid contrast. That brought out effective colours of Reed’s scores. As I’ve conducted a few pieces, in consequence, I knew more how nice today’s performance was!Every member performed with a lot of expressions so the ensemble was so precise. I fully enjoyed the music of Alfred Reed!

It is just like Mr Ooi to construct well balances programme inclucluding some pieces that are rarely performed recently. The exciting finale of Armenian Dances (both Part 1 & 2) was very impressive as well!