Tokyo Geidai Wind Orchestra the 93rd Regular Concert


Listened to the Tokyo Geidai Wind Orchestra, the wind band of Tokyo University of Arts, the 93rd Regular Concert at Sogakudo Concert Hall, Tokyo, yesterday.

The conductor is Takeshi Ooi.
Three 20-Century American band works were performed in the first half. The music contents of these pieces are pretty difficult to understand. I guess it was a tough job to make them accomplish. But, the band vividly represented the character of each piece. As an audience, it was a great opportunity to listen to these important band pieces, and it must be meaningful for the university students to perform them as well.

Two Japanese pieces were showcased in the second half.

The first one was Metamorphosis of the Could by Michio Kitazume. As the title expresses, the delicate colour change was beautiful. Chang Su Koh’s Concerto for Wind Orchestra followed. I felt the piece excited the musicians’ sympathy, which was impressive. It seems Maestro Ooi did something new at the moment of the performance. The feeling of live performance brought a deeper impression to the audience.