Publication of Articles: Band Journal (2023 October issue)


wrote two articles for the October issue of Band Journal, a monthly magazine published by Ongaku No Tomo by Ongaku No Tomo Sha Corp, was published:

  • A mail interview: James Burns Discusses His 9 Symphonies and Musical Journey – the latter part (p.17)
  • Topics: Asia and Pacific Band Director’s Association (ABPDA) Board Meeting (p.66)

In Professor Barnes’ interview, his personality shines through more than in the first part.
It was also a valuable opportunity to bring attention back to ABPDA, which has suspended its activities for a few years.
I hope this article encourages members of the Japanese band community to look toward overseas.

This issue featured several other interesting articles!
The main feature is Wind Band Pop Music — The More You Know, the Cooler You Play. Mr Takashi Hoshide, from whom I Music — the more you know, the cooler you play”. Mr Takashi Hoshide, from whom I’ve received assistance for a quarter century, appears as an interviewee. The article is, of course, coherent, but I can imagine how he talked randomly in the interview session.😂